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peace. out.

peace. out.

#fatamy #winning

#fatamy #winning

I’m really glad the boys like Fantasia as much as I do :) because now I can finally get some reading done.

Thank you Jack Johnson and Friends.. my babies are chill when you’re singing :)


Even in the toughest of times God comes through for me. In tears thinking of how amazing His love is and how lost I am without Him. 


I’m a little tied down with two babies on my lap. They’re my world.

Nothing beats snuggling with my boys every night. <3
Don’t get me wrong…

Ok, there are times that my life is really rough. But, I love my boys more than life itself. Sometimes I can’t help but think where I would be if I just made one different turn, one better decision. I hate myself for letting so many people down. Especially my parents. That’s why I can’t let my boys down. They need me. Even though some days I don’t want to press on…I am giving myself no choice. Because in the end my rewards are greater than gold. I WILL do e everything I can to raise my children up in the best way possible. Mommy loves you Emmett and Ellis

No Doubts new album.

in Louisville, KY

 Louisville, KY

Why can’t you just catch my drift.